Yogendra Sethi


Born April 7, 1952, Indore, India

Academic Qualifications:

1973, Indore School of Arts, India

Solo Exhibitions::

1974 :Berkeley, California, USA
1974 :Sunnyvale, California, USA
1985 :Taj Art Gallery, Bombay, India
1996 :Somar Gallery, San Francisco, CA ,USA
1997 :VanDen Berge Gallery, San Francisco, USA
1999 :Taj Art Gallery, Bombay, India
2005 :JAINA, Santa Clara Convention Center, USA
2007 :JCA Art Gallery, New York, USA
2008 :Rainbow in the Sun (II), Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi
2009 :The National Arts Club, New York, USA
2011 :Lokayata Art Gallery Group Show, Delhi
2011 :Gallery Defence, New Delhi, India
2013 :Open Palm Court Gallery, New Delhi, India
2013 :JCA, Detroit, Michigan, USA


2009 :Honorary Member-The National Arts Club, New York
2011 :IJ Jeweller’s Choice Award – Best Design
2012 :Solitaire Design Awards – Nominated
2013 :IJ Jeweller’s Choice Awards – Nominated

Now Displayed At::

Midtown Artery, Greenville, South Carolina, USA
OVAS Art Center, Singapore
Gallery Pioneer, New Delhi, India
YSERA Art Gallery, Indore, India

Many Private Collections in the USA and India.

Arstists are nature’s recipe; be it a painting on a canvas or adding life with the unique creativity.

Yogendra belonging to a well reputed business family of Indore, nestled in the fertile lands of Malwas in Central India, had the making of an impressionist in his early days. Flair for Art was handed over in legacy. Playing a connoisseur was more of a tradition than a virtue. His academic career is a unique amalgam of arts and commerce. His endeavors in field of Fine Arts earned him a degree of MFA from the Indore School of Fine Arts, whose portals have seen the like of M.F.Hussain. Keen to add a shade of contemporary west to his occidental self, Yogendra took another leap by graduating as an MBA from Berkeley, California, in 1975.

Yogendra in his early years, painted the rustic countryside of India. Later he was overwhelmed with the unsurpassed beauty of Berkeley Hills, and captured the natural wonders of California in series of many outdoor landscapes in transparent watercolors. Viewers were astounded by the physical impression of his innate vision, during his one-man show of Acrylic paintings in 1997 at Vanden Berge Gallery, San Francisco USA. Taj Art Gallery, Bombay, Somar Art Gallery in San Francisco, are some of the other melting pots of art where YS has contributed with his water color Landscape and Impressionistic contemporary Acrylic canvas. His paintings, a tyro’s dream, decors the walls of many collectors internationally.

The colors of nature transformed into Yogendra’s eyes, gave him an unbelievable vision to understand and enjoy the beauty of colors in Gemstones while starting his business career in 1976. When asked to deliver form and substance to his vision, Yogendra sitting on motley of colors responds, “No one color is good or bad or liked or disliked. Life is a rainbow, the more color you infuse the more you enjoy it. What is imperative is how every subsequent effort transcends the other.”

Yogendra seems to assuage the hardness of diamonds with his subtle exploits on the canvas, depicting the exhibits of nature. His expertise with gems allowed him to master unusual prismatic forms. He has innovated elongated female forms with spectrum of colors to reflect the most precious gems on earth. All along YS has been an avid evangelist of the evolution of artistic expression.

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