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Visual Art Gallery
India Habitat Center, New Delhi

Inauguration by
H H Maharaja Dr. Karan Singh
Member of Parliament, Rajyasabha

1st to 7th Oct 2014

It’s a pleasure to present a series of paintings by Yogendra Sethi, a dynamic and vibrant painter of the Indore School of Arts, India. Yogendra, in his early years, painted the rustic countryside of Malwa. Later he was overwhelmed with the unsurpassed beauty of the Berkeley Hills, Yosemite, and captured these natural wonders of California in a series of outdoor landscapes in transparent watercolours. These impressionistic works reflect natural  joy and enthusiasm.

Over the last decade, Yogendra has been painting conceptual landscapes, which depict the extraordinary beauty and form of life. Yogendra’s expertise with gems has allowed him to master unusual prismatic forms. He has innovated elongated female forms with spectrum of colours to reflect the most precious gems available on earth. Viewers will be astounded by the physical impressions of his innate vision.

Yogendra seems to adjust the hardness of diamonds with softness of nature. The titles like “Gossip” “Awakening”, “Mystique”, “Whisper”, “Ecstasy” depicts a direct relationship of human forms engulfed in rock  mountains. His compositions organize parcel of land in dynamic rythms making the eye move continuously.


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